PShopee PPP

PShopee Pro-Affiliate Program (PPP) is the brainchild of Founder & CEO Diinessh Phonddekarr’s experience as a First-Generation Entrepreneur, and how he wanted to give everyone else around him a chance and direction in starting their own business in Indian Fashion Retail.

  • Maharashtra’s & Goa’s First Ever Affiliate Program
  • Unique Social Platform for age 18 & above Business Minded Entrepreneurs
  • Educational & Training Support
  • Opportunity to Earn 100% Profit with Zero Upfront Investments


PPP is meant to be as an Initial Support Program to help you learn the Business Skills and Lessons from the experiences of our Founder. This is meant to help you to help yourself, like an open book you can refer at any stage of your Entrepreneurial Journey.

To equip you with the basic understanding of Sales, Networking & Customer-Facing Behaviour is our main goal. This is not a solution to all your problems, but a first step in the right direction.


  • To promote Indian Culture and Tradition in the form of Ethnic Fashion
  • Through our Trusted Logistics Network, we help you deliver orders to most PIN codes on the map.
  • We help you to focus on your Business & Network, while we focus on Order Processing.


  • To include as many Indian Ethnic Fashion (IEF) styles from across the map of India.
  • To enable our Affiliates across the Globe, to process IEF orders with Ease of Delivery.
  • To create an Increasing & Renewing demand for Indian Ethnic Fashion in 40+ Countries.
Our Core Values
Every successful Company, Group, Nation or a Family has a bunch of Values and Culture at their core, which truly define them as who they are. These Values and Culture are what takes them through the tough & challenging times. Since our beginnings, PShopee has the following truths we follow and they guide our every action.
Local to Global
In today's connected World, we aim to stay always connected and to fulfil orders anywhere. To make our old school Local Traditions and Values scalable to the Global Markets!
Honest Transparency
We always try to be Honest and Upfront with our Customers, Employees & Vendors. This shows our confidence in our Products and Processes, also it shapes our Customer Service.
Ever Improving
Change is the only Constant in the World, we too aim to stay flexible and improve with the times. When the Customer behavior changes overnight, we are ready to adapt and be better than before!
Customer Centric
We are first a Customer-Centric Company, then a Fashion Aggregator. To us, the Customer is central to our growth and philosophy. It is the Customer that makes a Company, not the other way around!

Sign up for the PPP using this link. Provide your KYC details as requested and follow up for confirmation as an Affiliate on the PShopee Pro-Affiliate Program.

Go through our latest catalogs and see which ones your clients would be interested in. Get pre-orders and confirm stock status with us.

Confirm the order with the client, get the payment processed and inform us to ship the order. After successful completion of the order, you will receive your incentive.

Keep in touch with your customers, the latest fashion trends, and which of your customers would be interested in re-orders. There is always something new!

Welcome to the growing affiliate network
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