With the rise in technology the e-commerce market has made a huge impact on the purchasing power of buyers. With more and more e-com websites and their mobile apps on the smartphones has brought the real time shopping amongst all age groups worldwide. Nearly about 75% of total revenue is being generated by online shopping through the smartphones.

Rajan Anandan, Managing Director, Google — South East Asia and India mentioned – “Previous year 2015, noted a record of 50 million transacting users in e-commerce industry and is expected to reach at least 75 million this year.”


About 85-90% of the e-commerce business in India is pulled in by the big fishes like Flipkart, Amazon India, Snapdeal, etc. The fashion industry has seen an enormous change over a decade and its daily varying trend. In past one year e-commerce sites like Amazon Flipkart, Snapdeal, Limeroad, Voonik, Myntra etc., have made their mark in online shopping and are noted to be the major driving factors to change the game in shopping industry.

According to a survey by Assocham, India’s E-commerce market is expected to reach USD 38 billion this year in 2016 and make a record of USD 100 billion by the year 2020. It also mentioned the percentage of the age group that regularly shops online.


In a country like India, which is full of diversified land and people, fashion industry on itself is soaring new heights. With a rise in e-commerce market and designer wear western culture in India has being a main influencer to boom the fashion industry right from formal to casual wear.

With more and more exposure, designers are striving hard to match the chords of western trends giving Indian market a new face by adding an pinch of style that people love to wear which not only includes Indian crowd but also the people across the world are in for this adaption.

The urge to wear designer wear, trend setters like celebrities, modeling industry etc are the major influences to sow the seeds owing the best attires prompting the clothing industry to supply more and more of materials in Indian market that has a unique range of variety. About 75% of market segment is ruled by Indian ethnic wear by women’s outfits.

Stuff like Dress materials, Sarees, Patiyala, Plazzo, Karachi and Anarkali’s are in vogue for Indian wear, booming the market across the globe and that is what will never fade; and help us stay connected to our roots. One of the main reasons it’s ever-green is because they have wide range of heavy borders, printed fabrics, embroideries, silhouettes, zari work, festooned dupattas with sequins in fabrics like georgette, silk, chiffon, net etc are in demand to suit various age groups amongst women wear.

Different clothes are required for differ­ent age groups. Therefore, care should be taken in selecting clothes for a particular age group. Indian traditional or ethnic wear has a huge variety in women’s wear. Have a sneak peek to the trending clothing women of various age groups prefer to wear.

Choice of dress according to age group

Women’s wear Suitable Age Group
Dress Materials For all age groups
Sarees 15 and above
Patiyala For all age groups
Plazzo  15 to 55 years
Karachi 15 and above
Anarkali 15    o 45  years


A sneak peak to what rules the ethnic market in women’s wear.


  • Dress materials
    The ethnic market daily comes up with new refreshing designs and patterns. It’s because of materials the ready- made dresses came into existence making a revolution in the chain or ready-made clothing industry. Dress materials give women a chance to get their outfit stitched in their pattern and style along with add-ons to zari, borders, bhutta work etc. and can be wore on occasions, causally and formally by all the age groups. A twist in pattern due to ravishing style statements gives the unstitched material a new face and the owner a charm

    1. Sarees– One of the ever- green outfit found in every woman’s wardrobe is a saree. Floral, silk, georgette, are the fabrics supported by wide range of shades and designs along with customized or designer wear sarees for all types of occasions by creating an impeccable grace. A saree has been a strong contender which will never fade or beat Indian ethnic market since olden times in Indian culture and will continue to be a part ahead as well.
    2. Patiyala– One of the unique wear that has emerged from the ethnic wear in Indian culture from Punjab is the patiyala suit. Loose and comfortable fit along pleats is what makes this outfit more alluring supported by elegant cuts, embroidery, patchwork, beads, etc. being introduce during the Royal period has its own importance and has made its mark as traditional attire in ethnic market and thus will always remain in demand for all age groups.
    3. Karachi or plazzo– Karachi suits or Pakistani suits or Plazzo suits is a new booming trend found in ethnic wear. A perfect blend of western and Indian wear is what makes this outfit best, comfy and royal amongst the market trend. The salwar being replaced by narrow fitting pants or loose parallels is the main usp of this attire along with long kurtis, with and without dupatta. An overall georgette fabric is the best for this type of suits and is highly recommended amongst young girls giving a unique style statement, a slim look in all the places they hop in. The trend therefore has a good scope for its survival because of its own uniquessness.
    4. Anarkali– Anarkali is has being inspired from the royal period. Long lengths frock type salwar along with churidar is what gives anarkali a royal look. A improved version of anarkali also has full length flair with simple or heavy work that gives an authentic look to the outfit.

    The constant efforts of the industry thus has managed to keep the rich authentic culture of Indian wear stay intact each day by adding innovation and letting the world enjoy the taste of ethnic wear.

    Let’s look at the major driving forces that rule the Indian market in all the seasons where age is just about a number.

    1. Perfect combination of Indian and western wear- The western culture has made a huge impact in the minds of women’s wear because of the stylish looks, cuts and grace that makes a lasting impression on one’s personality, whereas the Indian ethnic wear is all about glitter, traditional borders, delicate craftsmanship. A pinch of western grace in Indian wear thus gives rise to higher amount of demand for ethnic wear.
    2. Occasions and festivals- Be it festivals, birthday parties, weddings, or any other occasion purchasing traditional wear is something females are enthusiastic about. Earlier women had to hunt from shops to shops for getting their best outfit but with c-commerce it has now become easy and faster to shop from any place anytime on the online shopping portals.
    3. Reasonable price- Gone are the days when designer wear was only affordable for elite class society. Along with emerging trends and the urge to wear the rich looking elegant outfits small scale industries have come up with offering rich class apparels for females from all the classes of society. This has facilitated women to owe their favorite outfits and flaunt their persona making their own fashion statement.
    4. Easily available in market– With introduction to industrial revolution backed by liberalization, globalization and modernization right from small scale to large scale industries are at relief that has made import export easy and earned an opportunity to spread in new markets both at domestic as well as international levels.
    5. Variety in colors, patterns and designs- Variety is spice of life and the proverb is highly preached and practiced in fashion industry. Right from mix and match to perfectly matching outfits along with varied range in material adorned by craftsman into a good taste of colors, shapes and sizes is what calls out for demand in ethnic wear.
    6. Easy home delivery, easy mode of payment– With e-shopping buying anything and everything online has become very easy because it has fixed the time constraint issue amongst us. With just one click or tap you can shop for yourself from anywhere, anytime that too with online payment or cash on delivery options backed by exchange or return facility if any with respect to size, color or any other defect.


    Be it sarees, dress materials, plazzo etc, women from diverse culture are masters to pick the right outfits for each and every occasion and strive to create a lasting impression. All you need is to choose the right type of outfit that matches your body type, age and taste.